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World Champs Official Qualifier Events

As part of the World Championships, the FTA is hosting a series of 6 official Qualifier events. These events will be part of a bigger festival style weekend, including FUN ACTIVITIES,  a community MEET-UP, TRAMP CHAMP competition; and of course, your chance to QUALIFY for the World Championships.  There will be fun prizes, including a trip to watch the World Champs and also a trip to the GTGames. Even if you don't like to compete, this is a great way to connect with other flippers in the community.  However, if you cannot attend the live event you can still enjoy all the action and watch the LIVESTREAM! 

NEW for 2023 we will be inviting the top 3 from each Qualifier to compete, with 1st place receiving an all expenses paid trip! As well, we are introducing on-line Qualifiers so another 6 athletes can be invited to compete in London.  More info coming soon!

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Air Affair at Unik Playground

Congratulations to our first World Championships Official Qualifier winners from UNIK Playground in Switzerland!

🥇 @_ju_flips_
🥈 @ndflips
🥉 @vinzenz.b._

April 28 - 30

UNIK Playground, Switzerland

Welcome to UNIK Playground, in the beautiful city of Berne, Switzerland.   In the trampoline park there is something for all levels, from beginners to trampoline professionals. Various trampolines and mobile landing mats are available so that new tricks can be learned with maximum safety.A trampoline field with square and sloping jumping mats allows you to hop through the park and practice your first somersaults. The 5 Square Freestyle Eurotramp, a 5×5 meter freestyle trampoline, is right next door. For experts as well as for beginners, this is the highlight to make really high jumps.

Unik Logo

May 13

BAM Freesports,

Participate and try to win your place (and your all-expenses-paid trip) for the World Freestyle Trampoline Championships taking place this summer in London.

This unique qualifying date in France is the meeting not to be missed, to find all the best French athletes competing for first place! Big tricks and breathtaking sequences will offer you, even as a spectator, a great show for all.

Congratulations to our first World Championships Official Qualifier winners from BAM Freesports in France:

🥇 @mathis.jma
🥈 @fl
🥉 @loick_tramp

Bam Freesports winners
BAM Freesports logo

May 19 - 21

Rebel Park, Sweden

Welcome to REBEL PARK, in the beautiful town of Bromolla, Sweden.  REBEL will once again host a Qualifier on their EUROTRAMP 5 x 5 freestyle trampoline as part of a fun-filled, action packed weekend.  Come for one of the most action packed weekends of the year, with many activities to choose from and all the excitement of the World Champs Qualifier to entertain you . . .or make you the next Swedish Champion.


Congratulations to our World Championships Official Qualifier winners from REBEL PARK in Sweden:

🥇 @knut_nomeland
🥈 @emil.havstein
🥉 @leevi.flips

Rebel Park Winners
Rebel Park logo
Arl Park Winners

June 16 - 18

ARL Park, Austria

Welcome to ARL PARK, in the beautiful town of St Anton am Arlberg, Austria.  One of the favourite parks in Austria will once again welcome flippers from across the region to compete for a chance to win a trip to compete in London and be crowned Austrian National Freestyle Trampoline Champion! ARL Park also offers personal trampoline training with professionals No matter if you are a beginner or advanced, our coaches will help you to learn new tricks and improve on the trampoline.

Congratulations to our World Championships Official Qualifier winners from REBEL PARK in Austria:

🥇 @cle.sends

🥈 @moritz.flips

🥉 @brin._.flips

arl park logo

June 22 - 24

Newton Aerial Academy

Welcome to NEWTON AERIAL ACADEMY in the northern region of Michigan, in Grand Rapids.  Our only Official Qualifier in the US, the event was also part of the BERG GTGamesUS weekend, offering many opportunities for exciting action and fun. Chayil Versluis, who placed 4th at the World Champs in London will be on hand to cheer on the next winner who will be travelling to London with him to compete against the best in the world on August 2-3. 


🥇 @chayilv

🥈 @copeland_connor

🥉 @justin_dusenberry_

GTGamesUS World Champs Winners
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