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World Championship Panel of Judges

  • Soloflow Instagram
  • SoloFlow TikTok
  • Solowflow YouTube
  • Soloflow Brand on Facebook


  • Tanner Witt Instagram
  • Tanner Witt TikTok
  • Tanner Witt YouTube

Tanner Witt

Jesse Heffels
  • Jesse Heffels YouTube
  • Jesse Heffels Instagram
  • Jesse Heffels TikTok
  • Jesse Heffels Facebook

Jesse Heffels

Rene Casselly 2
  • Rene Casselly Elephant Boy Instagram
  • Rene Casselly Elephant Boy TikTok
  • Rene Casselly YouTube
  • Rene Casselly Facebook

Rene Casselly

With a combined social media reach of over 64,000,000 our influencers are some of the pioneers of the freestyle community and the "Sport Born On Instagram."

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