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Freestyle Trampoline World Championships


The Freestyle Trampoline World Championships was back again in Hackney, London, UK on August 2 - 3, 2023 at the historic Round Chapel.  In a very close battle, Robin Steiner from Switzerland (@flips_by_robin) representing UNIK PLAYGROUND and BERG emerged victorious with a score of 46.4 out of 50.0 on the 5²  EUROTRAMP custom freestyle trampoline stage, just narrowly topping contender Aleksi Sainio from Finland (@sainioaleksi) who placed 2nd (46.1) for the second year in a row.  Johannes Luethi (@johannesluethi) from Austria stunned the crowd with his 3rd place finish (44.8) to round out the podium.

Debuting this year was a ladies category for the first time in Freestyle Trampoline history. Ten woman were invited to compete from across Europe and America, with 9 attending.  They impressed the crowds with their skill level and their determination, representing all girl flippers around the world with style. Emerging victorious was Lyydia Peltomaki from Finland with a score of 42.2 just ahead of Nicole Steiner from Switzerland with 41.7 and rounding up the podium in third was Marlene Metzger from Austria with 39.8. The FTA hopes their accomplishments will encourage more woman to enter into the world of freestyle trampoline and look forward to qualifying to compete in 2024. 


Austria, Switzerland and Finland certainly seemed to dominate the competition this year, although 12 countries were represented in total.  Previous World Champion, Sebastian Wennmalm from Sweden, was a favourite to place on the podium again this year, but a bad landing during the preliminary round on Wednesday night left him with a sore neck and he was not up to his usual standards during the semi-finals, placing 5th, just behind Robin Steiner, the eventual winner. Robin was sitting in fourth place after the semi-final round but then went on to win by landing the world's first quadruple twisting, quadruple backflip. 


EUROTRAMP Projects, a world renowned Olympic trampoline brand, has chosen to partner with the Freestyle Trampoline Association (FTA) to help grow this exciting and gravity defying new sport. In its second year, 32 of the world’s best professional freestyle trampoline athletes were invited to compete and showcase their immense talent in a spectacular competition style show.  EUROTRAMP created an extraordinary custom 12 m stage to showcase their 5² freestyle trampoline, and the athletes could not have been more thrilled. The 5² is now one of the most sought after freestyle trampolines being the highlight in many trampoline parks world wide. 


Five trampoline parks partnered with the FTA to provide Official Qualifier events, where athletes vied for a chance to compete at the World Champs. The qualifier events are part of the World Freestyle Trampoline Association (FTA) event series, in partnership with the FTA World Champs, to find the best freestyle athletes in the world. Official Park partners included: UNIK Playground in Bern, Switzerland; Rebel Park in Bromolla, Sweden; ARL Park in St Anton Arlberg, Austria; Newton's in Michigan, USA and BAM Freesports in Chambery, France.

BERG Toys, the leading garden trampoline manufacturer from the Netherlands, was also a big inspiration and brand partner in this event, as many of the athletes train at home in their gardens. “We are so excited to be part of this series of freestyle trampolining, and BERG is thrilled to have one of our Master of Bounce athletes as the winner again this year,"  says BERG Marketing Associate Germa Bokhorst. 


The FTA World Championships is a Trampoline Battle, where the best athletes in the world face-off to see who has the most Creative, Difficult and best Executed Freestyle Combos on A 5 x 5 EUROTRAMP Freestyle Super Trampoline.  The World Champs was born from a sport that originated in the backyards and gardens of hundreds of kids around the world who took to their garden trampolines and proudly showed off their skills and 'new learns' on Instagram. In 2016 the sport was officially coined "The Sport Born On Instagram" and with it the world's first garden trampoline competition was held.  Called the 'GTGames' the event was held in Escondido, California with the top 50 athletes from around the world invited to attend, base on their Instagram submissions.  This was the birth of this new sport and the impetus for creating the Freestyle Trampoline Association.

Co-creators, Greg Roe & Trish McGeer, quickly saw the sport as a community that were looking for a way to showcase their skills, so more events were added to the calendar in the years to follow, including a GTGames in both Europe and New Zealand.  Fast forward 3 years and the first Supertramp competition was held in Europe, called 'Freestyle Frenzy.' This event captured the live audiences with high flying skills never before seen in competition.  The best in the world were then invited to compete at the Freestyle Frenzy Championships in 2019 in The Netherlands.

Now, as the world transitions out of a global pandemic, the FTA is taking the freestyle community to a whole new level by hosting the World's First Freestyle Trampoline Championships!  And we couldn't be prouder.


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