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GRT ProFlipper

Bringing  eSports to the World Championships

Live Leaderboards & Competition Platforms

Our team is revolutionizing trampoline education, by introducing the world's first fun, educational 3D simulator trampoline game, based on real physics. It will not only challenge you but teach you real life skills. It will be also be offered as a complete digital training program for all acrobatic sports.

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3D Simulator

Our ProFlipper Games is based on real world physics for a true simulator game. Follow @GRTProFlipper for tips & tricks and subscribe below for weekly tips.

Personalized Avatars

GRT ProFlipper offers you the chance to play as 'Greg Roe' the game creator, or create your own personalized avatar to show off your own unique style.

Walk Through ProFlipper

Our simulator is meant to match real world physics. It is not a game 'off the shelf'. Check out the ProFlipper website

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As part of the #FTAworldchamps the FTA is launching an Esports Competition with Pro Flipper! Trampoline is brand new to esports and with the #GRTproflipper 3D Trampoline Simulator, the FTA is making history twice next august for Live Freestyle Trampoline & eSports!


How To Compete:

1) Download Pro Flipper Full Version!

2) Start Training!

3) Turn On Leaderboards!

4) Submit Your Best Freestyle Combo OR 10 Skill Traditional Routine to the in-game Live Leaderboard by July 1, 2022!


Top 50 live scores on the live leaderboard will be picked by July 1, 2022 and will virtually compete as part of the World Championships for $1,000 CASH PRIZE!

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